Ordering Panhematin

Ordering Panhematin


How to order PANHEMATIN

Order through Canadian Blood Services and Héma‑Québec

PANHEMATIN is supplied as a sterile, lyophilized black powder in single dose dispensing vials in a carton.

The vial stopper contains natural rubber latex.

Store lyophilized powder at 20-25°C (68-77°F).

Hemin for injection. PANHEMATIN.

Help treat recurrent attacks of AIP

  • PANHEMATIN is indicated for the amelioration of recurrent attacks of acute intermittent porphyria (AIP) temporally related to the menstrual cycle in susceptible women, after initial carbohydrate therapy is known or suspected to be inadequate.
    • Limitations of use: PANHEMATIN therapy is intended to prevent an attack from reaching the critical stage of neuronal degeneration. PANHEMATIN is not effective in repairing neuronal damage.
  • Clinical benefit from PANHEMATIN depends on prompt administration
    • For mild porphyric attacks, a trial of glucose therapy is recommended while awaiting hemin treatment or if hemin is unavailable.
    • For moderate to severe attacks, immediate hemin treatment is recommended. In addition to treatment with PANHEMATIN, consider other necessary measures such as elimination of triggering factors.
  • Patients experienced a clinical response in 85.5% of treatment courses based on 5 open-label studies.
    • Clinical response defined by improvement of symptoms and reduction in pain.
  • All patients in 5 open-label trials achieved a chemical response to PANHEMATIN therapy.
    • Chemical response defined as normalization of urinary δ-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and porphobilinogen (PBG).
  • PANHEMATIN has an established safety profile.