Ordering Panhematin

Ordering Panhematin


How to order PANHEMATIN

Order through Canadian Blood Services and Héma‑Québec

How supplied

PANHEMATIN is supplied as a sterile, lyophilized black powder in single dose dispensing vials in a carton.

The vial stopper contains natural rubber latex.

Store lyophilized powder at 20-25°C (68-77°F).

Hemin for injection. PANHEMATIN.

PANHEMATIN has an established safety profile

Adverse reactions in >1% of patients treated with PANHEMATIN1

The safety profile of PANHEMATIN use was evaluated in a compassionate use study. A total of 130 patients were treated with hemin for acute attacks, prophylaxis or both.1,†

System Organ Class
Preferred Term
Adverse Events
N (% of Total Adverse Events)
Description Total Possibly or Probably Related to Treatment
Infections and infestations
Cellulitis 3 (1.5%) 2 (1.0%)
Nervous System Disorders
Headache 18 (9.2%) 5 (2.6%)
Vascular Disorders
Phlebitis / Injection site phlebitis 7 (3.6%) 6 (3.1%)
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders
Rash 3 (1.5%) 3 (1.5%)
General Disorders and Administration Site Conditions
Pyrexia 9 (4.6%) 6 (3.1%)
Catheter-related Complication 7 (3.6%) 3 (1.5%)

Note: In this study, the actual content of drug in the supplied vials ranged from 64.4% to 88.2% of the labelled content. Therefore, the actual amount of drug given to the patients was less than the calculated dose.

PANEHMATIN is not indicated for prophylaxis. PANHEMATIN is not indicated for males.


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